About DRONES (3 - Legislation: “the basics!”)

Which legislation do I need to know when I want to “fly a drone”?

Now I got my DRONE! I can do anything! – That is the thought that many still have. – But, can I really?

The purchase and operation of these "small aircrafts" takes a series of precautions, which must be observed by all fans of the "new toy" and the capabilities it has.

At the time of purchase, it’s necessary to make sure that the drone has all the certificates and operating licenses. The first thing we need to note is “if the drone already has its Authorization Certification with ANATEL” (National Telecommunications Agency).

“All drones have radiofrequency transmitters in their remote controls and because of that, they need to be approved by ANATEL, both aeromodelling and for recreational use. The approval ensures that there is no interference between the drone and other services, such as satellite communications.” [1]

A good choice is to buy a drone that already has the Homologation Certificate, which vendors generally make available to their customers, with the certification seals already fixed at the drone and its remote control. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to provide everything directly on the ANATEL website (https://www.anatel.gov.br/institucional/sistemas).

After the approval of your drone and its respective remote control, it’s necessary to obtain the drone and pilot certification from ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency).

The ANAC’s regulation for drones’ operation is very large, covering several conditions, but the drone or its pilot doesn’t always need specific certification. All depend’s on the class of your drone and the type of flight you want to fly. It’s worth to consult (https://www.anac.gov.br/). Registration must be done in SISANT - Unmanned Aircraft System. [2]

Finally, like aircraft pilots, there are Flight Rules that must be followed. For drones, DECEA (Airspace Control Department) also has specific rules.

Depending on the location and the type of flight to be performed with the drone, some basic rules must be obeyed and itmay be necessary to obtain specific authorization. The registration of the pilot and the aircraft (drone) is carried out in SARPAS - Request for Access to Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) [3], where the respective “authorization” to access the Airspace or flight authorization is requested.

In the specific section about “safe operation” of your drone, on the DECEA website (https://www.decea.gov.br/drone/), there are informations and access to all legislation that we, conscious drone operators’ must know.

Nice flights!

Figure 1 - DECEA / DRONE / RPAS / (SARPAS) website page

Source: May 19, 2020. From: https://www.decea.gov.br/drone/

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Rio de Janeiro, May 19, 2020.

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