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Written by: Elton Bublitz[1]

Dear friends!

I intend, with this and other articles, to bring up this subject, so popular in the last and recent years: DRONES and all its “framework”.

I'll cover a variety of topics, either for their safe operation or to prevent their indiscriminate (or criminal) use. We'll also be able to discuss news in the forum, such as new models and their capabilities, and, above all, promote their safe and regulated use.

I don't intend to follow a logical sequence, but rather to present themes in the best way that they arise, enabling their discussion or review on future occasions, because the technology evolves very fast. It'll serve laymen, supporters and experts.

I also hope to receive contributions from you, friends. Bring your knowledge and participate in the forums. Signal your concerns.

The texts won't be long, to avoid boredom, but I hope to encourage everyone to participate and understand a little of this universe, hoping to want to read the next ones.

See you.

Rio de Janeiro, May 15, 2020.

[1] Elton Bublitz - Lt Col Ret of the Brazilian Air Force (pilot and ATCO); Analyst and Consultant in Aerospace Defense, Military Air Operations, Air Traffic, C² Systems and Drone Containment Systems.

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